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  • $12.6 Million Settlement for Victim of Crash with Complex Liability

    October 2023

    $12.6 Million Settlement for Victim of Crash with Complex Liability Attorney: Emily Ruby, Personal Injury Lawyer Overview: Emily Ruby, a seasoned personal injury lawyer specializing in complex liability cases, recently secured a remarkable $12.6 million settlement for her client, a victim of ... Read On

  • $12 million Product Liability Defective Vehicle Injury

    March 2022

      We were co-counsel with the Homampour Law Firm in a difficult and heavily litigated product liability case against Defendant Daimler Trucks North America. We represented the three adult children of a professional truck driver who died when the truck she was driving burst into flames. In Decemb... Read On

  • $8 Million+ Settlement for Premises Liability and Assault Victim

    August 2023

    $8 Million+ Settlement - Premises Liability & Assault - August 2023 Attorney: Emily Ruby, Personal Injury Lawyer Overview: Attorney Emily Ruby demonstrated her exceptional skill in securing a significant $8 million+ settlement in a premises liability and assault case. Despite initially facing... Read On

  • Over $7 Million in Work Injury Settlements from Six Defendants

    January 2023

    When our client came to us for help, they thought they would be pursuing compensation from one defendant…we found six. We filed against all six defendants and were able to secure more than $7 million in total settlements. At Greenberg and Ruby Injury Attorneys, our clients rest easy knowing that ... Read On

  • Multi-Million Dollar Confidential Settlement - Workplace Injury Due to Freight Elevator Malfunction

    November 2022

      We represented a group of women who were injured at work when the freight elevator they were on malfunctioned due to inadequate repairs and maintenance.   Read On

  • Multimillion-Dollar Settlement – Traumatic Brain Injury from Fall

    October 2022

      We represented a Plaintiff who suffered a severe Traumatic Brain Injury in a fall.   Read On

  • Multimillion-Dollar Settlement – Workplace Scaffold Fall

    September 2022

    We represented an employee who was seriously injured when he fell from a scaffold while working. Defendants denied liability, blaming the employer and our client for being the cause of his scaffolding injuries. Read On

  • $5.5 million – Construction Site Injury

    March 2021

      Traumatic Brain Injury from fall through skylight on construction site: We successfully obtained $5.5 million in settlements on behalf of an injured worker and his wife in a highly contested construction site injury case. The injured worker was an employee of a subcontractor on a demolition p... Read On

  • $5.5 Million – Pedestrian Accident v. City of Los Angeles

    June 2020

      We represented a client in his mid-seventies who was severely injured when a vehicle being driven by a public entity employee struck him while he was in a cross-walk. The vehicle was maintained, owned, controlled and operated by a city and its employees. The defendants denied Rios's allegation... Read On

  • $4.5 Million Workplace Explosion Injury & Wrongful Death

    April 2019

      We represented one severely injured worker and the surviving children of a worker who died in an explosion while working. The explosion accident occurred when the workers were performing welding work.   Read On

  • $2 Million - Construction Accident Settlement

    June 2018

    Greenberg & Ruby obtained a $2 million policy limits settlement from the general contractor on behalf of a client who suffered a permanent eye injury as a result of falling on an exposed rebar on a home remodel construction site. Read On

  • Confidential Settlement - Greenhouse Roof Injury

    Case Details: Nature of Incident: Client fell through the roof of a greenhouse while working Injury: Severe back injury Defendants: Multiple Settlement: Confidential Key Legal Milestone: Final settlements reached on the first day of trial Case Summary: Our client suffered a seve... Read On

  • $2 Million – Wrongful Death from Negligent Training at Work

    November 2017

      We represented the surviving spouse and two children of a worker who died when the container of acetone he was lifting with a forklift spilled, causing a flash fire. The deceased worker suffered fatal burns over much of his body. We obtained a $2 million policy limits settlement from the compa... Read On

  • $1 Million Settlement - Rental Property Incident

    July 2023

    Our client suffered a significant knee injury after tripping at a rental property. After intense negotiations with the at-fault party's insurance company, we were able to secure a $1,000,000 settlement on our client's behalf. Read On

  • Confidential Settlement - Electrical Burn Injuries

    Case Details: Nature of Incident: Severe electrical burn injuries from overhead powerlines Client Occupation: Working on a roof Settlement: Confidential Key Legal Milestone: Defeated defendant's motion for summary judgment Case Summary: Our client suffered severe electrical burn i... Read On

  • $1.5 Million Settlement - Traumatic Injury Due to Glazing Scissor Lift Incident

    December 2022

    Our client was installing glass while standing on a scissor lift twelve feet from the ground. The scissor lift had a forty three inch unprotected opening between the top railing and the platform. While bending over to lift the glass, our client's foot slipped and they fell through the unprotected... Read On

  • Multimillion-Dollar Motorcycle Accident Settlement

    August 2022

      We obtained a multimillion-dollar settlement for a motorcycle accident victim that suffered a severe lower extremity motorcycle injury. Due to the settlement being confidential, we are unable to provide details.   Read On

  • $1 Million – Construction Site Injury

    November 2018

      Traumatic Brain Injury from fall from scaffold: “We obtained a $1 million policy limits settlement from a general contractor of a construction site on behalf of our client, who suffered a severe traumatic brain injury in a scaffold fall. The worker originally filed a workers' compensation clai... Read On

  • $500,000 Policy Limits Settlement in Automobile Work-Injury Accident Case

    Case Summary: Attorney Emily Ruby is pleased to announce a successful case result for our clients, a married couple who experienced a devastating work-related automobile accident. They were employed by a local farm and were involved in an early morning accident while transporting produce to the f... Read On

  • $250,000 Settlement - Auto Accident

    Greenberg and Ruby Injury Attorneys - Case Result Case Details: Case Type: Auto v. Auto Settlement Amount: $250,000 Client's Occupation: Driving for work Injuries: Injured back due to impact Treatment: Conservative treatment; no surgery required Representation Timeline: Brought i... Read On

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