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Over $7 Million in Work Injury Settlements from Six Defendants

January 2023

Over $7 Million in Work Injury Settlements from Six Defendants

Attorney: Emily Ruby, Personal Injury Lawyer

Overview: In a testament to the tenacity and dedication of Emily Ruby, a leading personal injury lawyer at Greenberg and Ruby Injury Attorneys, our client, initially anticipating compensation from a single defendant, ultimately received over $7 million in settlements from a total of six defendants. This remarkable outcome underscores our firm's unwavering commitment to identifying all avenues of compensation and pursuing every responsible party, ensuring that justice is served.

The Challenge: Our client initially approached us with the belief that they would seek compensation from a single defendant for their work-related injury. However, Emily Ruby and our legal team recognized that the case had more complexity than met the eye. It was evident that multiple parties shared liability for the injuries sustained by our client.

Legal Strategy: Emily Ruby and our team at Greenberg and Ruby Injury Attorneys wasted no time in conducting a thorough investigation. We filed claims against all six defendants, leaving no stone unturned in our pursuit of justice. Our legal strategy involved pursuing every possible theory of liability and relentlessly advocating for our client's rights and compensation.

Outcome: Through persistent efforts and vigorous negotiations, we were able to secure settlements totaling over $7 million from all six defendants. This substantial outcome not only provided our client with the financial support they deserved for their injuries but also held every responsible party accountable for their actions.

Conclusion: Attorney Emily Ruby's unwavering dedication to her clients' well-being and her firm commitment to identifying all avenues of compensation led to a remarkable result in this work injury case. Greenberg and Ruby Injury Attorneys take pride in our approach of pursuing every responsible party and leaving no potential source of compensation unexplored. Our clients can rest assured that we will fight relentlessly until justice is served, and they receive the compensation they deserve.

Emily Ruby

2022 "Women in Law" Award Winner, Emily Ruby, specializes in complex cases, many of which involve catastrophic injuries and deaths. Mrs. Ruby has personally obtained more than $100 Million in compensation for her clients with an impressive 97.4% success rate and is a graduate of the prestigious CAALA Trial Academy. She was selected as one of Forbes' Best Wrongful Death Lawyers and is a writer for Advocate Magazine.

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