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Our client was transporting large equipment to customer work sites. While at one of the worksites, his boomlift dropped and he was catapulted from the basket. His equipment failed to keep him in the basket and protect him from injury. The equipment manufacturer claimed that our client was at fault for the incident. Most attorneys avoid cases like this; it is very difficult to prove liability, and costs firms an exorbitant amount to do so. Mrs. Ruby does not run from a fight. She was able to prove the at-fault company was liable and was able to secure millions in compensation for our client.

While our client was leaving work one evening, she was hit by someone who was (admittedly) street racing. It was a catastrophic collision. Since our client suffered a severe TBI, she had no memory of the date in which the accident occurred. The at-fault party tried to claim that the accident was our client's fault. Mrs. Ruby, through an extensive investigation process, was able to uncover the fact that a right turn only sign was supposed to be in the area (as evidenced by city planning documents), but it was not. Mrs. Ruby took the case to trial, proved her client's innocence, and secured millions in compensation as a result.

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