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Gissela Arrincon-Tepeli

Attorney Gissela Arrincon-Tepeli

“I take great pride in helping those who are not in a position of power to obtain their rightful compensation. Growing up, I saw with my own eyes how those with money and power abuse those who they perceive to be weak. Holding large insurance companies accountable and helping to put my clients' lives back together brings me a tremendous amount of joy.”

Attorney Gissela Arrincon-Tepeli is a fighter.

Throughout her lifetime, Mrs. Arrincon-Tepeli has proven to be unstoppable in pursuit of her lofty goals, and she has overcome astronomical odds in doing so.

On her journey to becoming a successful injury victim's lawyer, Mrs. Arrincon-Tepeli worked as an injury insurance defense attorney, giving her the ability to observe the inter-workings of those she planned to fight against.

Attorney Arrincon-Tepeli understood the value of learning these insurance defense firms' strategies, mindsets, goals, and motivations throughout the personal injury compensation process, and it has given her an unfair advantage in helping to obtain maximum compensation for her injury victim clients.

What she learned confirmed what she had already suspected: these insurance companies often do not care about anything other than their profits.

These types of intentional attempts to withhold compensation that injury victims are entitled to is the exact type of injustice that attorney Arrincon-Tepeli became an attorney to fight against. She knew at an early age that she wanted to fight those in power that take advantage of victims in need.

Few attorneys have experienced first-hand the injustices that can occur in broken legal systems, but attorney Arrincon-Tepeli has. In her youth, she personally witnessed those in power take advantage of the less fortunate, simply because they could. She knew then that she wanted to spend her life fighting these injustices.

The personal injury landscape is one in which large, powerful insurance companies try to sow fear and doubt in the hearts and minds of those that they have an obligation to compensate. This is done to pressure in-need victims to accept compensation that is far less than they are entitled to. In many cases, the insurance companies' large teams are just too much for ill-equipped, unmotivated injury attorneys. 

Mrs. Arrincon-Tepeli is never scared to put on her boxing gloves and beat these large insurance companies at their own game. In fact, she loves it.

She is driven by a passion for her clients and their needs that other attorneys simply cannot relate to. Many grew up in positions of privilege and do not connect with their clients' difficult backgrounds.

Attorney Arrincon-Tepeli sees herself, her family, and her community in every client she represents. For attorney Gissela Arrincon-Tepeli, the fight for her clients is very personal. Her experience, successful outcomes, and dedication to her clients' needs are all instrumental in her ability to provide a powerful, unique, superior level of representation that cannot be matched.

Gissela Arrincon-Tepeli's practice is focused on personal injury, products liability and premises liability. 


  • University of West Los Angeles; Juris Doctor
  • California State University Northridge; Business Administration; BBA


  • Spanish
  • English

Bar Admissions

  • California 


  • Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles

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